F. No. 1(45)/2017-IT                                           Islamabad, the 25thApril, 2017

  1. Needs and Objectives of the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat

The Constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan recognizes the fundamental rights of citizen to dignity of person.For the purpose of creating safe working environment for working force that is free from Harassment, Abuse, and fulfills their right to work with dignity by act of Parliament Act IV of 2010, “Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace” was promulgated on 9th March 2010 and the office of the Ombudsman at the Federal level was established in pursuance thereof.This Act builds on principles of equal opportunity for men and women and their right to earn livelihood without fear of discrimination. The HQ of this office was established in Islamabad.

Honorable Federal Ombudsman, Justice (R) Yasmin Abbasey felt the need for having Regional Offices at provincial headquarters for maximum benefits of this law for stakeholders. It was decided to open Regional Offices of FOS at Karachi and Peshawar to begin with to extend benefits of this remedy to the people of those provinces.


Inaugural ceremony for two Regional Offices at Karachi and Peshawar was held on 24th April 2017 at Islamabad Hotel, Islamabad. Regional Commissioners for Karachi and Peshawar have been selected, after completion of due procedure these offices will start functioning at Karachi and Peshawar to facilitate hearing of complaints of those areas on the spot by dispensing justice at their doorstep.

  1. Complaint Management and Information System:

On Official Website (www.fos-pah.gov.pk) Complaint Management and Information System has been provided to facilitate parties to file online complaints and defense.There have been approximately 100 complaints received through this system.

  1. Awareness campaign through SMS launched by FOS:

                  Federal Ombudsman Secretariat has conducted awareness campaign through Short Messaging Service (SMS) intimating the process of filing of complaint through the above mentioned system ‘Online Complaint System’.

Through this campaign, approximately 50,000 awareness messages have been sent in English and Urdu language to the working persons including Teachers, Lawyers, Bankers, University Students, Entrepreneurs and Federal and Provincial Government Employees of Pakistan.

  1. Social Media campaign of FOS:

              Federal Ombudsman Secretariat has created its official Facebook page (www.facebook.com/fos.pah), where social activities related to this secretariat are posted.

  1. Total number of Seminars and Training sessions conducted to create awareness:

     For creating awareness about the “Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace, Act 2010”among the working force (both Male and Female), more than 137 awareness seminars and training sessions have been conducted at different organizations all over Pakistan by this office.

  1. Launching of the Tele Voice Commercials developed by the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat


    Thirty seconds Tele Voice Commercials (TVCs) have been launched by the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat in collaboration with International labor organization (ILO). Copy of the TVCs have also been provided to all NEWS channels of Pakistan through Ministry of Information and Broadcasting/Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA),Most of NEWS channels are airing these TVCs in their transmission.

    In live shows on TV and Radio Channels, the Liaison Officer of the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat elaborated several legal aspects and explained the importance of “Act of 2010, Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace”. During these programs, the questions or queries of the audience through live calls were also answered that had reflected a good result.


  2. Hearing of the registered cases through Video Conferencing (Skype):


                 Federal Ombudsman Secretariat is providing the facility of video conferencing (Skype) for the parties to follow the hearing of their registered cases.This facility had been introduced in December 2015 to assist parties who belong to areas that are far away from the office of Federal OmbudsmanSecretariat and have to travel very long for appearing before this court.

    In this regard, Federal Ombudsman Secretariat is using Skype desktop version and has created an official Skype ID with the name of ‘fos-pah’.

    1. Complaint Tracking System (CTS):

    Federal Ombudsman Secretariat has acquired a dedicated short code ‘8801’ from Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA). This short code will be used shortly to facilitate the parties for tracking the status of their registered cases in this secretariat by sending SMS from their mobile phones in a pre-advised format i.e. STATUS [COMPLAINT NUMBER] [NIC NUMBER] to FOS short code ‘8801’.

    1. Summary of the cases registered and disposed off in this secretariat:

    Status of applications received in the Registrar Office:

    Total Number of Cases           =          432 

    Disposed off Cases                    =          414

    Cases under proceeding          =          18

    Since the establishment of the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for Protection against Harassment at Workplace, the registrar office has registered 432 cases coming from all provinces and territories, and out of them 414 cases have been disposed off while only 18cases are pending before this forum.

    Out of these 432 cases, 158 cases from Federal, 152 cases from Punjab, 56 cases from Sindh, 34 cases from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, 12 cases from Baluchistan and 2 cases from FATA were registered in the registrar office of this secretariat.Moreover 309 cases from Female and 105 cases from Male complainants were registered.