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Office Building FWafaqi Mohtasib Sevcretsariat

Federal Ombudsman of Pakistan  

Performance Indicators:  2019

  • 74,869 complaints were Disposed of in 2019.

  • Every complaint decided within 60 days.

  • 99% Findings accepted by the Agencies & Complainants.

  • Speedy justice delivered free of cost at the doorsteps of people.

  • E – justice introduced in Wafaqi Mohtasib Secretariat.

  • Impressive improvements ensured in improving jail conditions in 2019.

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Mr. Chan Tsz King, Commissioner against corruption of Macau-China

Mr. Chan Tsz King, Commissioner against corruption of Macau-China


MACAU-China   Mr. Chan Tsz King appointed as a new Commissioner against Corruption for next five years

Mr. Chan Tsz King is appointed new Commissioner against Corruption. In his letter addressed to President of Asian Ombudsman Association, Syed Tahir Shahbaz and all members of AOA, he said that the ombudsman area is of upmost relevance in our strategy for the next years.Transparency, integrity and honesty on the local Government administration work are values that we share and we will continue to pursuit in order to keep instill, both amongest public workers as well as on the general citizen, the conscientiousness needed to a healthy development of our society.

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Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jameel, Federal Insurance Ombudsman- Pakistan

Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jameel, Federal Insurance Ombudsman- Pakistan 

PAKISTAN-Federal Insurance Ombudsman    Appointment of New Federal Insurance Ombudsman

Dr. Muhammad Khawar Jameel has recently been appointed and assumed the charge of the Federal Insurance Ombudsman  of Pakistan.


AZERBAIJAN   Ombudsman met with the Country Representative of UN High Commissioner for Refugees

The Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Sabina Aliyeva met with the Country Representative of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Azerbaijan, Guido Ambroso

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MACAU-China   ICAC maintains basic services next week

The Independent Commission Against Corruption continued to maintain basic external services from February 24 to 28. The declaration of property of civil servants will give priority to those who have expired and expired before March 6. They will go to the office of the 16th floor of Jinlong Center during office hours to handle the formalities, and they will be closed from noon to 2:30.
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Malaysia    Service users are more comfortable taking care of themselves than using the Application

People as service users are more comfortable managing themselves than using apps or through an online system. It is known from the findings of the RI Ombudsman survey of the Maladministration Perception Index (Inperma) of 2019, that 63.57% – 87.28% of 2,842 respondents in 20 cities / districts said they were more comfortable managing their own services directly in the service room.

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International Ombudsman Institute(IOI)    Announcement of  Result of Office Bear of IOI

For the first time in the history of IOI , the President, the 1st and 2nd Vice-President and the Treasurer of the IOI are elected by universal suffrage in a ballot carried out by electronic means.Four candidates stood for election: Mr Chris Field (Australia) for the position of IOI President; Mr Viddhavat Rajatanun (Thailand) and Ms Diane Welborn (USA) for the position of IOI Vice-President, and Ms Caroline Sokoni (Zambia) for the position of IOI Treasurer

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ARMENIA    Automated system provides consultation on basic rights of persons deprived of liberty

A unique automated system in the Facebook Messenger application has been launched by the RA Human Rights Defender in Armenian and English. The automated system provides consultation on the basic rights in Armenian and English to the persons deprived of liberty, their relatives or any other person.

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AZERBAIJAN   Ombudsman visited Treatment Facility of Penitentiary Service

The Ombudsman, Sabina Aliyeva, visited the Treatment Facility of Penitentiary Service of the Ministry of Justice as a National Preventive Mechanism.


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AZERBAIJAN   Ombudsman visits juvenile correctional institution

Within the framework of activity as the National Preventive Mechanism against Torture the Commissioner for Human Rights (Ombudsman) of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Sabina Aliyeva visited Guba Special Vocational School of closed-type special educational facility status under the Ministry of Education in Guba city of Azerbaijan.


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International Ombudsman Institute(IOI)    12th IOI World Conference – Visa Application

The 12th IOI World Conference and General Assembly is coming closer and we would encourage delegates who require a visa not to delay in making their visa application.


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AZERBAIJAN   Ombudsman organized seminar on combating discrimination

In the framework of the regional project on “strengthening access to justice through non-judiciary redress mechanisms for victims of discrimination, hate crime and hate speech in Eastern Partnership countries” which is funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe through the Partenship for Good Governance II programme, a training seminar on combating discrimination was organized in by the Ombudsman in January 2020.

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 Public Defender Nino Lomjaria

GEORGIA   Joint statement in support of the Public Denfender (Ombudsman)

In a joint statement in support of the Public Defender (Ombudsman), the IOI, ENNHRI, GANHRI, EQUINET and the UN Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights Defenders underline their concerns about recent actions by the Georgian government relating to a prison visit conducted by the Georgian NPM and the fact that the Minister of Justice exposed video recordings of confidential meetings between NPM staff and prisoners on it social media channels.

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AZERBAIJAN   Ombudsman’s representatives conducted monitoring

The head of the Sector for Protection of the Rights of Military Servants of the Ombudsman Office, Fazail Hasanov and the Chief Advisor of this Sector, Adil Hajiyev jointly with the representative of the Ministry of Defense visited the Main Clinical Hospital of the Armed Forces for the Military Personnel of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


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PAKISTAN    1.5 Million complaints resolved by the office of Federal Ombudsman since its establishment in 1983

Federal Ombudsman Syed Tahir Shahbaz, during his welcome address at a seminar held in Governor House, Lahore informed the audience that the office of Ombudsman, since its establishment in 1983, had been providing relief to the common citizen of Pakistan and since then it has resolved 1.5 million cases. In recent years more than 70,000 cases were being resolved yearly by filling application against the maladministration of any federal government agency in a very simple way, and to facilitate to complainants further, a mobile-app had been launched through which people could file their complaints from all over Pakistan as well abroad.

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TATARSTAN    The Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Tatarstan summarizes the results of 2019

On January 22, 2020 in the field of high technologies “IT-Park” held an extended meeting of the Expert Council under the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Tatarstan with the agenda “On the results of activities in 2019, tasks for 2020 and the draft annual report of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Republic of Tatarstan.”

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IOI   Annual Report 2018/2019 now available

The IOI General Secretaria presents the annual reports on the IOI’s work and services, as well as the most important developments and achievements in 2018/2019. The IOI Annual Report 2018/2019 is now available on the website in English, French and Spanish.

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