Ms Connie Lau Ombudsman of Hong Kong

Ms Connie Lau, Ombudsman of Hong Kong and AOA Secretary is retiring from her post Ombudsman on 31th March, 2019:

Special Administrative Region of the Government of Hong Kong have released a press news that Ms. Connie Lau,Ombudsman of Hong Kong is not interested to extend her contract upon its expiry in March, 2019 due to her personal reasons. The Chief Executive have respected Ms Lau’s decsion for her retirement while appreciation of her services rendered to Ombudsman institute, the Government thanked Ms. Lau for her outstanding leadership over the years in providing an effective channel of redress for members of the public. The Ombudsman offer fitting recommendations to help government departments and public organizations improve their governance as well as enhance the efficiency of their operation and responsiveness to public needs. The Goverment will certainly continue to render its staunch support to Ms Lau and the work of the office of the Ombudsman

She has send an email to Present AOA,Syed Tahir Shahbaz,Executive Secretary(AOA) Mr. Abdul Khaliq and all members of Asian Ombudsman Association(AOA), informing that she is leaving office of Ombudsman of Hong Kong upon expiry of her current contract on 31th March, 2019 and she need more time to look after her family. She express her great feeling and convey her heartfelt thanks to all members of AOA for getting the privilege of serving as AOA Secretary during her term. She further express that AOA aims to promote the concepts of Ombudsmanship and to encourge its development in Asia. Throughout the years, we develop and share experience in the discharge of the functions of an ombudsman through meetings, conferences and training. We also launch the E-newsletter laterly to encourge sharing and communications among members. All these could not be achieved without their cooperative efforts of Board Members and the support of our members. At this occasion, She also thanks President AOA, Syed Tahir Shahbaz for his leadership and Executive Secretary, Mr Abdul Khaliq for his efforts in co-ordinating Members.She further said that ” I am leaving with mixed feelings. While I look forward to sharing more time with my family after my term,I will certainly treasure the good memories which you have given me in the past few years. There are still some mnths before my departure and I hope to meet you and share with you in the coming events of AOA. Wishing you all the best and AOA grows from strength to strength!”

Mr. Mansour Agha Mohammadi Deputy of the office of the President, General Inspection Organization,Islamic Republic of IRAN have send best wishes of The President of General Inspection Organization (GIO) of the Islamic Republic of IRAN, H.E. Justice Naser SERAJ, to honorable Ms. Connie Lau and convey his and the staff of the Office of International Relations of the GIO, best wishes for honorable Ms. Connie Lau and appreciate all her efforts during these years which has been contributed to enhance the position of the AOA in Asia and around the world; in addition has enhanced the concept of ombudsmanship in the region.
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