Syrians in Turkey



The Ombudsman Institution of the Republic of Turkey published its special report on Syrian refugees titled “Syrians in Turkey”

Because of the civil war in Syria, we have been witnessing great human sufferings; Syrian families have been broken up, forced to leave their homes and homeland and have become refugees. Millions of women and children have been the most adversely affected from this human tragedy. People have taken refuge in neighboring countries, especially in Turkey in order to escape death. The Republic of Turkey has welcomed these refugees and has provided them all the necessary care so that they could live humanely. By the year 2017, the number of Syrian refugees in Turkey reached to 3.5 million, and the expenditures made for these refugees amounted to 30 billion dollars.

Considering the complexity of the situation, it has been very important to cover this major subject in all aspects, which has affected Turkey both economically and socially and to make known the extraordinary efforts that Turkey has shown in humanity.

In this framework, the Ombudsman Institution of Turkey decided to examine the issue of Syrian Refugees in Turkey in detail, by studying the problem, researching the studies already made and proposing the necessary solutions. As a result of all these works, the Ombudsman Institution of Turkey, prepared and published its special report titled “Syrians in Turkey”.In order to read the English version of the report, you may refer to the following link: