3rd e-news letter September-2018


HONG KONG Ms Connie Lau, Ombudsman of Hong Kong and AOA Secretary is retiring from her post of Ombudsman on 31th March, 2019:

As per press release of the Government of Hong Kong Ms. Connie Lau, Ombudsman of Hong Kong is retiring from her post of Ombudsman on 31th March, 2019 due to her personal reasons. The Government of Hong Kong and her colleagues of Asian Ombudsman Association(AOA) have put forth a tribute to her for  her services rendered as Ombudsman as well as the Secretary of AOA.  She conveyed her heartfelt thanks to all members of AOA for posing trust on her as Secretary AOA and honouring her with their appreciating remarks.
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OIC Ombudsman Assocition(OICOA)  3rd Meeting of Steering Committee of OICOA was held on 10th September, 2018 in Khartoum, Sudan:

Third Meeting of the Steering Committee of OIC Ombudsman Association (OICOA) was held on 10th September 2018 in Khartoum, Sudan which was chaired by Hon’ble Judge Ahmed Abuzaid Ahmed Mohammad, President Public Grievances Chamber Sudan. Mr. Abdul Khaliq, Executive Secretary of the Association, coordinated the Meeting.

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ASIAN OMBUDSMAN ASSOCIATION 21th Meeting of Board of Director of AOA will be held on 30th October, 2018 in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan

21st Meeting of the Board of Director of Asian Ombudsman Association will be  held in Baku, Republic of Azerbaijan on 30th October, 2018


Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman(FPO)  19th Meeting of FPO was held on 30th June 2018 in Azad Jammu and Kashmir

19th Meeting of Forum of Pakistan Ombudsman(FPO) was held on 30 June, 2018 at Kutton,  a Tourist Resort Neelum, Azad & Jammu Kashmir(Pakistan) . The Members of Forum Met the Hon. President AJK as well.

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