Hong Kong Annual Report 2018



   Ms. Connie Lau, The Ombudsman of Hong Kong, presented her annual report at the Legislative Council meeting held on 7 December 2018. Members of Legislative Council were highly appreciative of Ms. Lau’s contributions over the past years in making recommendations to public bodies and enhancing the quality of service in the public sector.



In her conclusion, Ms Lau said that to raise the standard of public governance. the Ombudsman was just “one voice and a change agent”.Contributions from all stake holders were essential, including supports from Legislative Council Members, the public. the media, the work of Ombudsman, and the active responses of departments concerned to inquiries and recommendations made by the Ombudsman.

In the meeting, some public issues were also discussed, such as tree management after severe typhoon and transport arrangement uponaccidental failure of mass transit railway during peak hours. The Ombudsman undertook to examine the issues for further investigations, if warranted.