Kankani Tantri Chitrasiri new ombudsman

              SRI LANKA                


 His Excellency the President of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka has appointed Mr. Justice Kankani Tantri Chitrasiri  as the Ombudsman (Parliamentary Commissioner for Administration) of Sri Lanka in place of Mr.L.A.T. Ekanayake who retired on 23rd of January 2019.

he has been a judge in different capacities for over 38 years and retired as the Acting Chief Justice on 13th April 1953 reaching 65 years of age which is the retiring age for the Supreme Court Judges in terms of the Constitution.

Mention below is a brief career achievements that  he had gained:


Career Summary


  • Judge of the Supreme Court, Sri Lanka                                                  2015-2018 April
  • Judge of the Court of Appeal, Sri Lanka                                                 2009-2015
  • Judge of the High Court                                                                             2001-2008
  • District Judge                                                                                                1988-2001
  • Magistrate                                                                                                      1980-1988
  • Visiting Judge of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Fiji               2016- to          date
  • Visiting Justice of Appeal, Court of Appeal, Republic of Fiji               2009-2011
  • Registrar of Companies, Sri Lanka                                                            1996-1997
  • Director, Human Rights Commission, Sri Lanka                                   1991-1993
  • Asst. Legal Draftsman, Legal Draftsman Department                          1979-1980
  • Secretary/Legal officer, State Graphite Corporation                             1978-1979
  • Legal Practitioner                                                                                          1977-1978
  • Visiting Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Sri Lanka                   1975-1977



-Followed Post Graduate studies (Majoring Intellectual Property         Subjects)

        Queen Mary College, University of London                                                   2001/2002

-Attorney’s-at-Law (Final Examination)

                Sri Lanka Law College                                                                                     1975-1976

-Bachelor of Laws Degree [LL. B]

         Faculty of Law, University of Sri Lanka                                                                                       1971-1975

Publications & Other Positions Held


  • Visiting Scholar at the Law School, University of Deakin in Melbourne, Australia                           

                    – Delivered a guest lecture on “International Abduction of Children under the Hague Conference”.      

  • Designated as a Member of the International Hague Network of Judges [IHNJ] by the “Hague Conference on Private International Law” to  represent Sri Lanka.

                      -Presented a paper on “Towards the Well-Being of the Child through The Hague Child Abductions and Protection of Children Conventions” at a conference held in Macau SAR, China.

  • Published the book titled “Decisions on Intellectual Property Issues of the Commercial High Court of Sri Lanka”.                                            

  • Functioned as the Chairman to the Presidential Commission of Inquiry that was established to investigate and inquire into the Issuance of Treasury Bonds during the period 01.02.2015 to 31.03.2016 by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. This appointment was made by His Excellency, the President of Sri Lanka. The report submitted by the Commission can be reached by browsing through the President’s media web-site.      

Having said that he wish to extend his fullest support in all your en-devours to protect the rights of the people. He hope you will inform him the details and other necessary information of the organisation including the events your organisation intend to hold in the future.

wishing you and the members of the working committee and the other members of the organisation to have the necessary strength for a fruitful future.