AOA Facts Sheet

             The Fact Sheets provide a snapshot of the AOA member institutions providing concise information on the Legal Framework, Jurisdiction/Functions, Legal Powers, Organizational Structure, Implementation Arrangements, Addressing Systemic Issues, Investigative Techniques, Public Grievances & Redress (PGR) Rules & Standards, Freedom of Information (FOI) Standards, Use of Technology, Public Awareness & Outreach, Linkages with Civil Society and Parallel Complaint Redressal System.

  1.  Fact Sheet of Azerbaijan

  2.  Fact sheet of India

  3.  Fact sheet of Indonesia

  4.  Fact Sheet of Insurance Ombudsman

  5.  Fact Sheet of Iran

  6.  Fact sheet of Korea

  7.  Fact Sheet of Malaysia

  8.  Fact sheet of Punjab

  9.  Fact Sheet of Tax Ombudsman

  10.  Fact sheet of Vietnam

  11.  Fact Sheet of Yemen