Types of Membership

     The Asian Ombudsman Association (AOA) is a membership-based organization. Ombudsman institutions and institutions with similar mandate for administrative justice services are eligible to become members. Although membership to the Association is mainly open for institutions, there is a provision for individuals also to be inducted as members.

Membership is available under different categories mentioned below:

Full Membership

  • The Ombudsman, Parliamentary Commissioner, Minister of Supervision, Commissioner for Administrative Complaints or the head of any similar institution or organisation, known by any designation, who has been appointed or elected according to the constitution or law of the country/region may apply for the Full Membership of the Association subject to the condition that it includes, interalia, the following characteristics: –

 (1)    to investigate the grievance of any person or body of persons concerning any decision, recommendation or any act committed or omitted by any administrative authority over which the jurisdiction of such authority exists;

 (2)   to make recommendations to authorities under the jurisdiction;

 (3)    to discharge functions independent of the organisations over which jurisdiction is held; and

 (4)    to report to the Head of State, Government or the Legislature, the results of activities or on any matter arising from an investigation.

1-2      An institution desiring to become a Full Member of the A.O.A. should submit an application in the prescribed form to the President, with a copy to the A.O.A. Secretariat. The following supporting documents shall be annexed to the application: –

 (1)       The Law or Charter setting up the office and specifying its functions and powers.

 (2)       The last annual report or the latest report on the performance of the office.

 (3)       Copies of the applicant’s writings, research or other materials on the concept of Ombudsmanship (if any).

1-3      In addition a Demand Draft of US$ 250/-, as application processing fee (non-refundable) in favour of the A.O.A. Secretariat will be enclosed with the application form. In case of non-acceptance of the Membership, this amount of US$ 250/- will be retained as application processing fee.

1-4      The A.O.A. Secretariat will process all applications for Full Membership received before the next meeting of the Board of Directors. Cases of all eligible applicants shall be placed before the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors, comprising the President, the Vice-President and the Secretary. The Committee will deliberate to formulate its recommendations in its meeting or by circulation, if necessary, and submit its recommendations along with the original application and enclosures received with the application to the Board of Directors for its consideration in its next meeting.

  • The Board of Directors will consider the recommendations of the Committee. The Board may accept, reject, defer the application or make any other recommendations for ratification by the General Assembly of the A.O.A.

1-6     Those applicants, whose requests are approved by the Board, will stand provisionally accepted as members of the Association till ratification in the next meeting of the General Assembly. Requests not ratified by the Assembly shall be deemed to have been rejected.

1-7  The Full Member shall, within two months of approval of Board of Directors, deposit the Annual Membership fee which at present is
US$ 1000/-.